Math With The Great Cosmos

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

A magic trick of my own variation, based off the human calculator trick. As long as a magician is involved with any event in life, they could actually see patterns that leads to a prediction they made ahead of time. ;)

Discord: LifeisReal#0784

Websites used:!numbers=1&low=100000&high=999999&unique=true&start=false

RULES: -No repeating numbers of 3 or more in a row, like 111 or 222. Makes it too easy to guess if in a pattern. -No 3 consecutive numbers or more in a row, like 123 or 321, but it can be 132 or 231 or even 978, or whatever. Again, not trying to create patterns, since we're trying to be random. ...

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