Yogis on the Road! Nithyananda Yoga on World Tour Revealing the Secrets of Yoga

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Join me in a city near YOU! My guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda has sent our team of incredible yogis, monks, and child saints out of India to share the secrets of yoga with the Western world!

REGISTER for the next event: www.innerawakening.org/yogitvatour

Yoga is much more than bending the body...It is not just for flexible and strong people, it is for HUMAN BEINGS. Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment...and we are going to show you HOW.

Tour schedule: Wednesday, Nov 22: HOUSTON, TX Friday, Nov 24: CHICAGO, IL Saturday, Nov 25: NEW YORK, NY Sunday, Nov 26: TORONTO, CANADA

Can't wait to see you all soon!!!

Blessings and nithyanandam, Prasiddha ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4zavnZ3oQE

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