World Environment Day: Manifesting Rain with Third Eye

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CONSCIOUSNESS CAUSES CHANGE! And Happy World Environment Day everyone! I got to be a part of history in the making today, as my guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda lead us living here at the ashram into the science of making rain. In 108 places around the world, we made it rain!

In the ancient Vedic civilization, it was common for people to change the weather around them to what they wanted and needed. This is actually a science that Swamiji is now reviving and manifesting through us! Toooooo cool!

Instead of trying to put a bandaid on global warming and climate change issues, it is now possible to heal the planet through consciousness and Vedic sciences.

I have come to understand that THE best and most effective way to change the world is through inner work and conscious growth. Through the space of Oneness, we acknowledge the outer world is always a mere reflection of our inner world; knowing that, we can decide to create what we want.

Time to heal the planet guys! If you want to be apart of this, visit

Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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