Why the Spiritual Path Does NOT Have To Be Lonely

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Often as spiritual seekers, we tend to feel very misplaced and isolated in society. It usually feels like our families and friends don’t fully understand us or share in our understandings of life. I have seen so many videos out there preaching that it’s normal for the spiritual path to be lonely and that we should just accept it...but this is SO unnecessary!

Come on! As spiritual beings, we know we are the creators of our own reality...which means only WE are manifesting loneliness or the wrong groups of people in our lives. All it takes is a powerful cognition shift: I am not alone. There are many others like me. So many people are ready and willing to understand me, even seek out someone like me!

Most of my life I constantly felt alone and that I was so different from others. I let this make me incomplete and often depressed when surrounded by others. The moment I decided to shift this belief inside of me, I kid you not, the most incredible people started gravitating towards me. Everywhere I go now I find like-minded beings who have the utmost curiosity and love inside them.

So many amazing spiritual communities exist- it just takes a bit of courage to step outside of groups you may have already formed and open your eyes to all the incredible beings that are out there. Your spiritual community is just waiting for you. And if you don’t know where to start...here is one being who is more than happy to have you in her life :)

I have ultimately found the greatest spiritual community in planet earth and that is Nithyananda Sangha. Not only do I occasionally meet up with like minded friends, I literally live in a spiritual community dedicated to reaching enlightenment and living completely outside of the Matrix. Life can’t get much better than that.

Please feel free to reach out to me guys- it is what I am here for! I love you all and remember: you are NOT alone :)

Blessings and love always, Prasiddha

To find out more about the Master who changed my life, make sure to watch his videos: Www.youtube.com/LifeBlissFoundation ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKJjQbO1xas

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