Why Practice Yoga? Discover the Divine Within YOU!

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Aside from the numerous physical and mental benefits to yoga, there is something FAR beyond just that...Yoga is a union between you and the Divine, you and Source, you and Sadashiva. Yoga is the ultimate spiritual practice (with many added benefits for the body!)

Yoga transformed my life much more than I thought possible. It showed me how to love my body, how to experience the divine within me, and how to experience my ultimate possibility.

Yoga is one of the oldest traditions of Hinduism and a way to reach Enlightenment itself. The West has diluted the context of yoga so far from where it is from and what it is. Nothing compares to experiencing authentic yoga and learning from an enlightened being who can pass the entire science on for you to experience!

You can experience yoga with an Incarnation of Shiva himself directly for 23 DAYS! Make sure to come to the next Inner Awakening! innerawakening.org/registration

Blessings, Prasiddha ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwvzRxtnsWw

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