Why Moving Away From Home is the Best Thing You Can Do: Leave Your Comfort Zone to Expand Yourself

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Leaving your comfort zone expands you in so many ways...and the only way to really leave all comforts--family, friends, your native language--is to move to an entirely new location. From my experience, the fastest way to expand yourself is through experiencing total aloneness.

Being alone isn't as scary as we make it out to be. Some of the most beautiful months of my life were spent in full isolation when I lived in a remote village in the Andes mountains. I didn't speak any Spanish when I arrived, I didn't know one person, and rarely had wifi. In this setting, I was forced to explore my own consciousness. For the first time, I was able to look fully into my inner world and become my own best friend.

It is SO key to conscious development to leave the comforts of home and form your OWN identity. Why do so few people even consider moving to another country? Fear of the unknown. Fear to actually explore who they REALLY are. So, if you are in a transition period of your life, I urge you to move: city, country, even continent! It will be a womb for your personal and spiritual growth.

One of the BEST life decisions I ever made was to veer from the "normal" life path and move to Ecuador after I graduated high school. This decision was ultimately the catalyst for where I am today...now living the most blissful life in India.

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