WHY I WENT VEGAN || Top Reasons to Go Plant-Based

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If you didn't yet know, I'm fully VEGAN guys! I can't wait to share with you WHY I went completely plant-based and why it may matter for your life, too. This video is only to share my top reasons behind this lifestyle choice, not to put any judgement on you for yours! Thanks so much once again to you all for your support as I grow, change, and evolve along my path and get the blessing of sharing it with you!

Make sure to watch the full video to hear me touch on each of these reasons to go vegan:

  • oneness/spirituality
  • environment
  • karma
  • animal rights
  • personal health!

If you are interested in learning more about veganism and its impacts, make sure to watch Cowspiracy and What the Health documentaries (both on Netflix)! They are by FAR the ones that most changed my life and perspective on this topic (and they are NOT gory animal abuse films at all!).

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Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha

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