Why I'm NOT Vegan Here || Cows, Milk, Ahimsa & the Vedas

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Yes, the big V word! So why is it that an animal rights activist feels its okay to drink milk? Finding cruelty-free dairy is like finding a needle in a haystack, BUT it is not impossible. For thousands of years India has been worshipping cows as Divine beings. While factory farming has invaded here as well, traditional goshalas still exist in a handful of special places. I just so happen to live in one :)

When cows are revered, respected, and liberated their milk has incredible properties. The ancient Hindu scriptures called the Vedas speak epics about the medicinal power of cow byproducts. There is more going on than meets the eye…let me show you.

Moral of the story: sometimes veganism isn’t so black and white. That being said, anywhere outside of here- I’M VEGAN ALL THE WAY.

Read about Milk, Health, and the Vedas here: http://www.krishna.com/milk-everyone


Golf Found in Desi Cow Urine:


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