What's REALLY in Cosmetics? Where to Find NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE, VEG Beauty!

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How do we know what is really going into our beauty products? "Natural" and "organic" are thrown on labels left and right, without meeting many qualifications. On my journey to a healthier/ more sustainable/ cruelty-free lifestyle this new year, all I wanted to find was a trusted resource to tell me what products I should invest in- but it didn't exist!

In the US, only a few hundred chemicals are banned from being in cosmetics (whereas 13,000 are banned in the UK)! Almost all of those 13,000 known to damage the human body are just floating around in majority of products found on the shelves!

When I found out what frightening chemicals and toxins are in everyday products like shampoo or lotion, I immediately wanted to find healthy alternatives. Not only that, I wanted to only invest in products that were also sustainable and completely cruelty-free. This 2018- make a resolution for a new skin and body care regimen.

When researching online, I couldn't find a platform that combined all 3 components- natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free...That's when my best friend Michelle and I got to thinking...and decided to create an online marketplace for sustainable beauty!

We knew a resource needed to exist for people like us, who want to support cosmetics that are good for our body and our planet, and that are completely nonviolent. That is how RADIANT ROOTS was born: an educational platform and online marketplace for sustainable (in every definition of the word) beauty and care products.

Cosmetic products we use EVERY DAY on our body. We are literally making them apart of us- we have to know what is going inside our body! Why would we support companies/brands that torture or kill other beings for their products? That are destroying the planet? That are destroying our HEALTH?

With Radiant Roots, you have an option to choose differently. Decide to be a conscious consumer. The coolest part is, local small businesses from all around the world are being featured, so you can buy any products you need from a global marketplace!

FREE shipping in the US. Shop and raise your consciousness at the same time!!! Check out your Beauty Solution now: https://radiantroots.co



Interested to know how I started this journey? Meet my Master at: https://www.youtube.com/user/LifeBlissFoundation ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB0ikiBynco

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