What Is Maya in Hinduism? And Who Is The Source?

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Yesterday I was asked to explain the Sanskrit word 'maya', commonly translated as illusion...the mist that deludes our experience of reality. In Hinduism and on the spiritual path we hear maya referenced quite often, but what does it really mean?

This world we are experiencing on earth, in the physical human body, is illusion. It is like life is one big leela, or play. This doesn't take away life's meaning; in fact, realising we are more than the body gives our experience of human birth a much deeper understanding.

Maya is just as auspicious as anything else. From a Western understanding of God, this doesn't make sense: we only know God as Generator, Operator, Destroyer. But there are 2 more roles God plays in the Hindu understanding, which are Liberator and Deluder. My guru Swamiji explains beautifully that one of the Source/Shiva's role as the cosmic consciousness is to deliberately put us into delusion...

...Simply so that we can realize who we really are! This is one huuuge divine game set up to help us come to enlightenment itself. We forget who we are, simply so we can remember who we are :)

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