Unbelievable Third Eye Power Revealed to Me in India

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Today I got to witness an entirely new yogic power in action by the Gurukul balasanths (students) here at Nithyananda Dyanapeetam! Any doubts I had left about third eye awakening and the powers that come with it were blown away...

ANY question you can think of pertaining to logic (fact based) can be answered by them within seconds! This includes insane mathematics, physics, and science questions that even Google takes time finding the answer to... these kids are literally a new species! :O

This is just one of the thousands of possibilities that come with Third Eye Awakening. The best part is, the third eye is an intra-organ that we ALL have! Meaning, any and all of us have the capacity for these amazing powers. What holds us back is both physical calcification of our pineal gland (physical location of third eye) through fluoride, and our toxic mental patterns and beliefs we hold about ourselves. This is why we need an enlightened master: to pull out all of these toxins and open our third eye as a channel for the Divine!

Simply witnessing other beings demonstrating these possibilities awakens them in me. Life just continues to get more and more unbelievable here living under an enlightened master.

Check out more about this alternative form of schooling and the lifestyle of living in constant powerfulness here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9OM-qeiYIPtAkBe9veG5uw

Get your third eye awakened at the most powerful yoga and meditation program innerawakening.org ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=207YjDRa--g

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