This Is Yoga: Become an Authentic Yogi at Nithyananda Yoga Camp

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What is REAL yoga? Where does it come from? Yoga goes beyond asanas, into each and every way you live your life. From the way you nourish your body to the way you wake up in the morning.

Do you want to finally develop a yogic body? Be at the forefront of a revolutionary form of yoga? Spend time with Swamiji Himself? Nithyananda Yoga is unveiling the most incredible opportunity for those who want to become authentic yogis…

YOGITVA: Nithyananda Yoga Camp & Coach Certification

Spend 3 weeks in the breathing space of the only Avatar to grace planet earth for thousands of years to develop the ultimate yogic body. Learn yoga from the Source itself: the Vedagamas of Hinduism. Practice Nithyananda Yoga, Nithyananda Shivastambha Yoga, Nithyananda Kundalini Rajju Yoga, and eNFitness to experience the highest possibility of you! Leave a certified Level 1 Shivastambha or Kundalini Rajju Coach.

Have a breakthrough in powerfulness of your body through intense yoga and yogic processes. You will experience the ability to manifest any reality you want. By having full control over your body and inner space, your outer space will manifest exactly as you want.

Join us in experiencing Authentic Yogi and develop your ultimate yogic body! SEPTEMBER 11TH - OCTOBER 1ST.
Bengaluru adheenam, India. REGISTER AT:

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Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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