The Truth About Hindu "Idol Worship" | The Science of Bringing Deities to Life

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There is a lot of false knowledge spreading about Hindus and the way we worship. Because Eastern religion is not taught or spoken about, so many misconceptions and falsehoods are being spread about Eastern spiritual practices, one of which is deity worship.

When you see a Hindu praying to a big stone statue of a god/goddess, this is not a "false idol." Hindu deities are actually living! They go through a process called prana pratishta, or breath of life by an enlightened being. Every detail of the deity from the dimensions of each finger to the items the god is holding, is precisely written about in ancient scriptures.

Deities are there so that we can worship the Divine in a tangible, physical way. So that God isn't some far off concept to us. They are an embodiment of the many aspects of the Divine that we can directly connect to!!!

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