The Science of Manifestation: Powerful Cognitions Make Inner Awakening Happen

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Here I reveal Shiva's secret to creating your ultimate reality. Life is manifestation, so we need to understand the principles of manifestation in order to run the game! And there is no higher reality to manifest than Inner Awakening...

My guru Swamiji revealed a huge key to manifesting a few days ago. When we aren't manifesting what we want, when we are experiencing unwanted things, it isn't that we are powerless: we are just manifesting LESS power. We aren't helpless victims and all we need to do is decide to manifest MORE power with will persistence!

It is the easiest thing to give up on yourself in these moments, especially when you are trying to get to Inner Awakening. But, all you need is to stay persistent and continuous in saying NO to manifesting unwanted situations. Instead of having a pity party, stand up against your powerlessness and decide to solve it through being more powerful than ever before!

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