The Science of Manifestation: How I Switched from a Poverty Mindset to Living Abundance

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Money is often the center of our daily thoughts and a main cause of stress, especially as college students. Our mindset and beliefs about money hold more influence than we know. Here I share the first secret I have learned about manifesting money!

For years, I felt that finances were a huge burden and weight on me. I felt like money was a root of evil and that I never had what I needed. Finally, I had a major realization during a weekend workshop I attended called EnWealth hosted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda...

We manifest what we BELIEVE not what we DESIRE.
If we believe that money corrupts people, our subconscious will obviously then push money away from us (because we don't want to be corrupted). If we believe that being poor makes us better people (more relatable, more understanding and down to earth), then we will continue to push money away because we see those things as a positive.

Correcting these conscious and subconscious beliefs FREE our space to manifest money and whatever else we want! This is the key.

Stay tuned for more videos to come about manifesting money!

Blessings, Prasiddha :)

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