The Science of Enlightenment Herbs: Aushada at Mahasadashivoham 2017

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The most mystical happening on planet earth is the experience of enlightenment. So how exactly does one achieve it? One of the most fascinating sciences of enlightenment is consuming special combinations of herbs in a process known as AUSHADA.

It is highly unlikely you've ever heard of this before, and rightly so. This millions of year old science was lost up until now. We are in the most rare time on planet earth where an Incarnation--Paramahama Nithyananda--has taken form again, bringing with him this ancient knowledge.

The only place in the world you can experience the science of aushada firsthand is at the groundbreaking program Swamiji is conducting this December called MAHASADASHIVOHAM. He is bringing this science of enlightenment herbs back to the world for the first time in janmas.

There is an opportunity to get a glimpse into this program on August 26 and 27 in Nithyananda centers and temples all around the world! Don't miss this mystical workshop!!! REGISTER HERE:

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