THE PROTEIN MYTH: Vegan Health and Bodybuilding Debunked

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My husband was a professional athlete (now yogi) and also a VEGAN! Together we break down the one of the biggest conspiracies in the world of nutrition: the protein myth and the truths of a veg diet. It is VERY possible to be a healthy, vegan athlete, bodybuilder, or activist and get all the protein you need.

We have both been vegetarian/vegan for years across our changing lifestyles, professions, and geographic locations. Debunking the myths of healthy and conscious living is so important to us...Our lives have been completely transformed by changing our diets. Hopefully this video helps bring some truths to light about what our body actually needs.

Check out my husbands channel, The Blissful Athlete!

Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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