The Natural Alternative to Toxic Prescription Meds || Can CBD Cure Anxiety & Pain?

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CBD has nothing to do with getting high guys. There is 0 THC, this is a medicine and supplement, not a drug. You don’t consider turmeric a drug; the same way this stimulates the body to naturally do what its made to do (like boosting seratonin and dopamine production!)

CBD is an example of holistic medicine that is both a preventative measure and a cure. In my opinion, it is an amazing alternative medicine in place of addictive and toxic prescription meds for things like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. I will explain all its health benefits in this video! Specifically my experience with relieving anxiety and pain in my body.

If you guys want more science behind this, do some simple research online and see all the amazing studies on it. Of course, if you have any health conditions, do consult your doctor about using CBD. This is also a really informative explanation of how it works:

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