The Most Powerful Crystal/Stone...Is Actually a Seed!

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There is so much hype surrounding crystals and the energies they hold. Different stones hold different properties and purposes, but the most powerful of all? The rudraksha, which is actually a seed that holds a thousand times more energy than any crystal!

Rudraksha means Shiva's teardrops. The story goes that Lord Shiva was in a state of such bliss, tears rolled from his face onto the earth and became rudrakshas. They are most commonly used for malas, or prayer beads, as they protect the wearer and heal many ailments.

Rudrakshas have already become so popular in the West but many people don't really know what they are. They hold the energy of Shiva himself, which puts them at a whole different energy level than any stone.

They come with many different number of mukhis, or faces. Each number correlates to certain astrology. The coolest thing is, you can wear your personal numerology to balance all negative planetary influences on you!

If you want to experience the ultimate energy and protection from your jewellery, nothing is better than rudrakshas. Carry the energy and space of Shiva with you wherever you go :)

Blessings, Prasiddha

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