The Divine Feminine: The Missing Link to Higher Consciousness

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Society has portrayed God as male, masculine, and father only. For far too long the context of the Divine as female, feminine, mother has been completely lost. We have forgotten half of reality and half of ourselves. This has pushed soooo many people away from religion and spirituality, simply because God has been shown to us in such limited way. Humanity has been longing to connect to mother energy!

The quickest way to complete ourselves and lead a fulfilling life is to establish a relationship to Devi- the Divine Mother. Life is shiva/shakti, the creator and the life force energy. Through connection to the feminine, we tap automatically into creative energy, what brings life to everything! Without it, life is not possible. Therefore, the missing link to raising our consciousness and experiencing abundance in the outer world is connecting to Shakti, the Divine Mother.

The only religious tradition that fully reveres and embraces the Divine Feminine is Hinduism, which is why myself and so many others are being drawn to it. All forms of life are respected and celebrated. Simply by the way we worship (by being inclusive of women), gender equality is beautifully created. The more we follow only male-centric traditions, the more inequality is manifested between genders.

Within us all is both Shiva and Shakti energy; bringing balance to these is enlightenment itself. If you have struggled to connect to the limited idea of God being only one and only male, the beautiful news is that the Divine is soooo much more expansive and you can connect to Her/It! She is waiting for you to reach out.

Blessings and Love, Prasiddha ...

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