Superpowers are Real...Awaken Your Third Eye in India for Superhuman Abilities

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Imagine with me for a second...that those stories of magic and superpowers were all coming from somewhere...some ancient source which got lost for a very, very long time. Just for a second, forget what you know and imagine with me a world where supernatural powers are a lifestyle. That very place is my home, Nithyanandam Adheenam in India.

The tradition that is today known as Hinduism has carried the science of yogic powers for thousands of years in its scriptures. SHAKTIS--or yogic powers--are a SCIENCE and they manifest through the space of enlightenment itself. Until today, this science was lost and often written off as myth- simply because a majority of humanity was not able to access these abilities.

Once again, planet earth is transitioning to a higher state of consciousness. And one being named Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji--who is an Incarnation of Shiva Himself--has taken birth to revive yogic sciences on planet earth and show humans what we are truly capable of: SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS.

Things you have only dreamt about are now accessible to you here in India simply through one initiation from Swamiji. Levitation, materialisation, teleportation, healing, the list goes on. These powers are not only REAL, but already becoming "normal" to us living around the Avatar.

Here living a superhuman lifestyle is the norm. I feel so blessed to be witnessing humanity's conscious transformation firsthand. All I want is for people to know there is an extraordinary life to live. SO much is possible!

Blessings, Prasiddha

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