Self Doubt Stopping You From Living? Remember Your Life's Purpose and Fulfill Prarabdha Karma

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Getting really real with you guys...

The last few days I have felt so weighed down by self doubt. Self doubt throws us into such DELUSION that we forget our purpose in life.

My guru Swamiji has revealed a huge mission for reviving authentic yoga, which he wants me to be one of the leaders of. In every way, I should be so thrilled, but my self doubt has been clouding everything. Incompletions I hold with my body and ideas of what I am capable of/not capable of have been preventing me from enjoying the auspiciousness of my life.

I had a huge click tonight when one of my friends here at the ashram, Ma Yoga Swami, reminded me that it is no accident Swamiji placed me here. Every single thing that has happened in my life was only to lead me here. To fulfil my prarabdha karma and raise consciousness on this planet... How quickly I let self doubt outshine the meaning in my life!

Sadashiva/God/the cosmos has only the utmost love and compassion for us. Everything that we experience in life is ONLY presented to us from the space of the purest LOVE of the Divine. A huge canvas of possibility has been painted for us, we are just too blind to see it sometimes.

Through remembering the divine purpose of our life, we can make self doubt powerless over us. Connect back to source, and retain the bliss state again.

When you are feeling small, all you have to do is zoom your vision out to gain perspective of the (much) bigger picture of your life!

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Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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