Satvik Ananda: The Hindu Secret to Permanent Bliss

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Is it really possible to be happy all the time? According to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Satvik Ananda is the joy which comes by the activity of non-violence. “Non-violent bliss. It melts down, tears down the pitta layer and makes you see life with a larger vision! When your body is so alive and joyful and ecstatic, you are not hurting anyone in being joyful. Never allow the joy which comes by the suffering of the other person, torture of the other person. Plan sincerely to make that kind of Satvik Ananda in your home or workplace...a nonviolent joy will actually make your workplace productive. I tell you Satvik Ananda is the only currency you can earn which will be useful for you when you are going to be out of this matrix.”

Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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