SACRED SECRET of My Morning Routine: Puja & the Science of Gratitude

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Yoga and kriyas are part of my morning routine, but there’s one part I haven’t quite shared with you…which is probably the most special part of my day: puja. Puja is a Hindu ritual of worshipping and showering gratitude at the feet of the Divine…wait! Don’t confuse this with prayer. In Hinduism, there is no lowering yourself in powerlessness at the feet of God, only RAISING YOURSELF IN ONENESS with Him/Her/The Ultimate. "SOHAMASMI: Even when I worship, I am Him." I can honestly say its one of the biggest gifts in my life; it is the most powerful science to fill your whole being with gratitude and devotion to the Ultimate (whatever that is for YOU!). In this space, the most powerful frequency is created to manifest ANY reality you want for your day. THIS is one of my most sacred secrets for manifestation. There is no more beautiful way to start your day.

Eternal gratitude to my beloved guru Swamiji for gifting this science to me!

Adorable Disney short on Puja called Sanjay’s Super Team!

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Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha

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