Religious Conversion in India: Violence Against Hindus

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I just attended a World Hinduism Conference in Goa, India and was shocked at the amount of atrocities happening against Hindus around the world. The war against spirituality and enlightenment in this Conscious Shift time period is stronger than ever and targeting Hinduism, as it is the forefront of conscious evolution and always has been.

For thousands of years, Hinduism has existed peacefully and coexisted beautifully alongside diverse communities and other religions. Hinduism literally has no conversion and would never think in that mindset. It is based in the core principles of ahimsa (nonviolence) and advaitha (oneness). Hindu lifestyle is only working toward raising the consciousness of the planet and creating a completely nonviolent world. A huge shift has happened in the country with the integration of outside religions, who are not based in this same context.

Violence against Hindus and Hinduism sadly has a long and aggressive history in India. The Islamic invasion did its best effort to destroy the ancient Vedic culture and lifestyle through murder, rape, and pillaging. Today it continues to inflict violence through intense conversion practices.

Christianity also has a long and destructive history in India. From St. Thomas to de Gama, many nations have sent (and continue to send) missionaries who are truly parasites to the authentic culture and spiritual heritage of India.

Hindus in other countries are also being exploited and ravaged. In places like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, genocides and mass exoduses of Hindus are happening. Temples are being destroyed, Hindu families attacked in their own homes, and even being killed for their peaceful beliefs.

From what I have learned and seen, so much of violence and religious conflict in India and abroad ties back to conversion. The very idea of religious conversion is innately violent and from the space of duality. It is violating peoples, an ancient culture, and a country itself. Conversion is exploiting the openness and/or vulnerability of Hindus worldwide.

Thank you all for your listening and I hope this atrocities are as unacceptable to you as they are to me. Whether you are Hindu or not, this is intolerable. This is human rights being violated.

PS. Ironically, while I was at this conference in Goa, multiple attacks happened at some of Swamiji's other ashrams in India. The swamis (monks) were brutally attacked and the properties destroyed. It is heartbreaking and sickening to see how real this anti-Hindu hatred is. See here:

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