Powerful Technique to Open Third Eye: Kum Kum Bindi

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There is a very simple, yet POWERFUL way to open your third eye...and that is wearing a kum kum bindi! Kum kum is processed turmeric, deep red in colour, which alchemically helps facilitate third eye awakening, coming from years of Hindu knowledge.

Turmeric has the effect of awakening and detoxifying the third eye. Constantly wearing kum kum over the third eye thus cleans it continuously. The subtle pressure over the area also helps to awaken the anja chakra.

Sleeping with turmeric smeared across the forehead is another yogic technique for potent third eye awakening. These are such simple, but time-tested methods that REALLY work!

In Hinduism, bindis have deep spiritual meaning: third eye awakening! This most ancient knowledge is still the most progressive to date. If you want to awaken more mystical and spiritual experiences, start wearing kum kum!

Blessings, Prasiddha

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