Overcome Fear: Manifest Your Divinity with a Spiritual Name ‬

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Spiritual names hold so much power for reformation and transformation of a being. Instead of simply going by a name because of its general meaning and emotion, a spiritual name holds the identity of your Highest self.

My daily life used to be entirely centered in fear, but transformed to be an experience of the divine. My fear of the unknown was rooted in many aspects of my upbringing. I struggled most of high school with anxiety and constant fear of the world. I began to explore spirituality while on my gap year in Ecuador. But, the first time I truly embraced the mystical and the divine was when I met Swamiji, my guru, and the embodiment of the unknown. The mystical experiences and completion processes that followed completely freed me from past trauma and constant anxiety. The major lingering struggle I've been facing with is dropping my ego, my ideas of me. Getting a spiritual name has lifted me into this space... While Jillian Doke held my past, Ma Nithya Prasiddhananda holds my future and my path to enlightenment.

If you ever get the opportunity to receive a spiritual name, take it! It literally creates the space for you to step into your divinity :)

Here is the link for the yoga and meditation program I talk about that transformed my life (and where you can get a spiritual name!): innerawakening.org ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHThOQPNPuc

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