Nithyananda Yogi Interviews Uday Deshpande: Traditional Rope Yoga & Mallakhamb World Championships

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Uday Deshpande, Director of the World Mallakhamb Federation, is here in the home of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda OFFICIALLY inviting the Nithyananda Yogis to the FIRST EVER MALLAKHAMB WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! In this interview we discuss WHAT exactly is Mallakhamb, both on the rope and pole, Uday’s life story training as a yogi, and why practicing Kundalini Rajju can change your body, mind and life! Stay tuned around 11 minutes to hear his testimonial of the extraordinary space of the Nithyananda Yogis, students like he has NEVER seen before.

Overall, Swamiji through Nithyananda Yoga is working to authenticate and revive the Source texts and references of Mallakhamb, which is traditionally called Shivastambha (on the pole) and Kundalini Rajju (on the rope). Thats why you’ll hear me use those names. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, Shivastambha/Kundalini Rajju is not competing against the sport of Mallakhamb, and I hope this video brings clarity to that. Both parties are so excited for what lies ahead, in spreading and authenticating this ancient yogic practice and what it can bring to the world. This tradition means A LOT for India and Sanatana Hindu Dharma on the world stage.

If you are curious or interested in learning this ancient yoga and intense physical sport, come for the next training! We will prepare you to represent your country in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP this February also ! :)

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