Mother Earth Has Her Own Consciousness: How Nature Responds To You!

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I needed some fresh air today, and started to ponder some super fascinating information I learned about the depth of the consciousness of nature...

We all know that our environment is living. But mother earth has an intelligence far greater than we realize...She has the ability to respond to YOU. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my guru, explained the other day how in the ancient Hindu scriptures--the Vedagamas--it is written that within 5 kilometers of wherever you are living, the physical environment will literally start to change to provide you what your body needs. If you had iron deficiency, plants would start to grow that had lots of iron. If you were sick, whatever medicine needed to cure you would 100% be growing right around you!!!

This makes so much sense to me, for both scientific and spiritual reasons. All I know is, the earth is very much alive. And it is just waiting for us to connect back and use our natural resources. Disease would disappear completely if we all started eating what our land is locally giving us!

Simply by eating local, every need of our body will be met; any and every disease will heal!

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Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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