Living Off the Grid: Why I Moved to a Sustainable Community in India

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It's official guys, I moved to India!!! I am now living within the largest energy center in the world, my guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda's ashram in South India! My home is now the spiritual hub of the world, a sustainable community full of spiritual seekers working towards the enlightenment of planet earth.

Nithyananda Ashram (or Adheenam) is the only place in the world you get the opportunity to personally live with an Enlightened Being, an Avatar. There are not enough words to describe what it is like living in this space. It makes you grow on so many levels and holds the space for you to raise your frequency and constantly evolve into a superconscious being.

Here, all of the BS of living in average society is irrelevant. It is 100% FREE to live here and all meals included! Money and time doesn't have to go toward any material thing or job. Every day we get to wake up to morning yoga, puja, and satsung (mind-blowing discourse by Swamiji live)! Every day spent in communion with an Enlightened Avatar and a beautiful family of hundreds of people from around the globe.

Life here is already beyond my wildest dreams. This community is so full of love, life, and energy! I couldn't design a better place to live and thrive. I am so grateful to be living this life and its all because of Swamiji. If this sounds as perfect to you as it does to me, come here and join! Nothing is in your way but you :)

If you'd like to taste this incredible lifestyle, come to the next spiritual retreat here called Inner Awakening, starting this June 17th! I am here to help create your ultimate reality. Register here at:

For more enlightening videos from my guru, check out:


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