Kundalini Yogini...Why My Channel is Being Reborn!

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For those that just knew me as Prasiddha before, welcome to my new birth as the Kundalini Yogini! I decided it was about time to have an official channel name to encompass my story and the beautiful mission I am apart of.

Practicing authentic yoga has changed my life...and not just any yoga, but one of the most ancient traditions alive to date: traditional yoga on the rope, called Kundalini Rajju Yoga. This past year I have been living in India, working to revive this science through my guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda's mission.

If you have practiced yoga or meditation for years to experience kundalini awakening just ONCE, I have good news for you. The yoga you have been practicing is missing key components which is robbing you from experiencing what you deserve, which is your ultimate state of consciousness. BUT there is authentic yoga that exists, and with its practice comes continuous Kundalini shakti energy. This is what Nithyananda Kundalini Rajju Yoga delivers to human beings.

It has transformed my health, my relationships, and my understanding of the world around me. I invite you to stop wasting any of your valuable time on inauthentic yogic practices which can't deliver you what you are seeking...and come back to the Source of yoga...delivered by Shiva himself. Practice yoga on the rope!

Thank you and hope you all enjoy as my journey and path of yoga continues...

Blessings, Prasiddha ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP5x2MsX8fE

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