JALA NETI: The Kriya You HAVE to Try | Detox the Sinuses, Open the Third Eye

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If you've never heard of neti pots, you have to try one NOW. Here's why...

This may be an ancient technique, but here's why it applies to the modern man. Jala neti, more commonly known as neti pot, is a way to cleanse the nasal/sinus passage through pouring salt water through the nostrils. But theres much more to this yogic practice than meets the eye...(or should I say third eye!)

I start my day every morning by doing a series of kriyas taught in Nithyananda Yoga, and the neti pot is one that really changed my life. If you are a spiritual seeker, yogi, or just plain curious- I urge you to start using a neti pot every day!

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Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha

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