Is Yoga RACIST? Cultural Appropriation & Westernization of Yoga (Response from a Nithyananda Yogi)

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"Americans who practice yoga are contributing to white supremacy," states a Michigan professor who is going viral....pretty controversial statement huh? Here is my response to why she is WRONG but also how she is RIGHT.

Yoga has gone from the worlds most ancient spiritual practice and grown into a 16 BILLION dollar industry. So how exactly did this happen?

In a few short words: Colonisation, Westernization, Globalization, and The Conspiracy Against Enlightenment.

The deliberate destruction of authentic yoga has been happening for centuries and it goes much deeper than race. Sanatana Hindu Dharma was the science of radiating enlightenment and the yogic science was a major part of this. Overall, this knowledge has been lost, diluted, and destroyed. If you are practicing generic yoga in the US, you have most likely become part of this system of oppression.

In the US, yoga is an industry, and one which has only been accommodating white, wealthy individuals. It is sadly seen as an exercise, or meditation at most.

BUT, the good news is AUTHENTIC yoga still exists, you just have to know where to find it. As Westerners, it is our responsibility to give credit where credit is due and recognise that yoga is from Hinduism and yoga's geography IS India. Anything less is cultural destruction and colonisation on our part.

Yoga is for ALL HUMAN BEINGS. But it is vital to know the source of the yogic science and practice AUTHENTICALLY. Yoga is not just building the body, it is the science of radiating enlightenment and experiencing higher states of consciousness. Yoga and Hinduism cannot be split.

The best gift I have ever found in my life is yoga, specifically Nithyananda Yoga. I have been studying here in India from a lineage of enlightened masters, learning the Sanskrit verses where it yoga comes from, bending my body on the mat, rope, pole and in turn aligning my spine to the cosmic geometry.

Endless gratitude to my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, for transmitting this most powerful, life-changing science to me.

Come experience the best of yoga here in India at our next teacher training!

Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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