IS WEARING MAKEUP SPIRITUAL? || Online Criticism, Makeup, & Hinduism

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Ohhhh boy...the comments I keep reading degrading people for being "UN-spiritual" for wearing makeup. Yeah lets just stop that right in its tracks. Makeup and they REALLY go against each other? Or can they go hand-in-hand? Lets talk truth, experiences, personal belief, and cultural differences surrounding MAKEUP.

On a side note, I personally ask each one of you reading this to PLEASE, always choose kindness. It is really that simple. Just because you do not agree with something or choose it yourself gives you no right to judge another person for what they like or choose to do. Be understanding, be open-minded, be compassionate. Thank you. ———————————————————————————————- If my videos are helping you, you can share the love back and help support me at (also for exclusive videos and personal sessions! ^)

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