Is Reincarnation Real? Evidence of My Past Life in India!

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For most of my life, I completely believed we only had one life, and that when we died we would go to heaven or hell. When I started researching about reincarnation, and was shocked by the amount of proof out there. From toddlers recalling information they couldn't possibly know, to people remembering strangers who they have never met before... Ultimately, finding out my own past lives has been an altogether mind-blowing experience and has proven to me beyond a doubt that past lives are very much REAL.

Here I share how I found out about my past life living with another enlightened being. I was with Vishnu when he incarnated as Venkateshwara, and in that very same life, I was siblings with my current brother! Finding out that we have lived as siblings before was so magical!

Reincarnation is such an important understanding to give us the context of WHY we take birth and how very purposeful each life we lead is.

This is just one story of one of my past lives; I have had many more realizations and revelations about other lives I have had too! I will continue to share these amazing stories with you guys :)

All I can say is, when you open yourself up to the possibility that you have lead thousands of lives before, you can start to experience and recall who you have been and why you are now here!

Love and blessings, Prasiddha

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