Introduction to Nithyananda Kundalini Rajju Yoga

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Kundalini Rajju, more commonly know as rope yoga, is one of the most ancient forms of yoga that is only now being revived in India. If you consider yourself a yogi, this is something you HAVE to try!

Kundalini Rajju, and its counterpart Shivastamba (pole yoga), are the ultimate challenge to the body. Kundalini Rajju is for female bodies to expand their flexibility, while Shivastamba is an intense strength builder. These are an entirely new level of yoga!

The best thing about Kundalini Rajju is, it is not only a way to experience powerfulness in the body, but also Kundalini awakening! This practice is designed to awaken shakti energy in you and flood your whole body with Kundalini.

My favourite spiritual practice is now Kundalini Rajju. I have never felt so empowered by a physical practice. I feel so blessed to be living in one of the only places it is being revived in the entire world! Paramahamsa Nithyananda is bringing back this practice to the modern day. This is going to blow up big time in the West and I can't wait to see!

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