How To Turn Insecurity Into Confidence

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On camera raw: no makeup, sweat, and crazy hair aside. In the past I would have never posted a Youtube video (period haha), nonetheless looking like this. Today it doesn't phase me one bit.

It was a journey coming to this self confidence and self assurance. The most major clicks I had that allowed me to radiate confidence were:

  1. If you're judging yourself, you ARE judging others, whether you admit it or not. Everything is a reflection.

  2. You are not the body. There is sooo much more than the body itself. Whatever you cognize as you, you are so much bigger than that. We are beings having a human experience!

These clicks have allowed me to let go of so much negativity toward myself and blossom in confidence and love of self. The more we expand our ideas about who or what we are, we see the body as a gift: simply a vehicle for us to use here on earth.

Self-consciousness and self hatred become redundant when we see ourself clearly in the powerful state of Shivoham- I AM DIVINE!

To fully learn these truths and blossom your own potential, there is nothing I would recommend more than attending Inner Awakening, a 23 day yoga and meditation retreat here at my guru's adheenam in India. Don't miss this opportunity to come into powerfulness!

Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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