How to Sustainably Change the World Through the Space of Oneness

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Advaita, or Oneness, is the principle of non-duality and the understanding that all of the universe is one essential reality. We are all apart of one another, of collective consciousness. It is through this space that we can change the world in the most sustainable way.

Our dissociation from the world around us has broken our planet and our capacity for empathy. When actions are based in this duality, they lead to unintended ill effects.

Sustainability must be established in oneness in order to impact humanity and the planet in a long-term way, on a global scale; with this framework of connection to all life, the most impactful context for sustainability can be established. Living in oneness fosters mindful interaction with the world around us.

Sustainability established in the space of Oneness has the most resonance. Every decision can be made sustainable through having an inherent understanding of oneness. It is through the space of Oneness that we can most effectively change the world for the better :)

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