How to Have Out of Body Experience Without ANY Psychedelics: Ego Death and Self Realization

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I experienced full ego death and left my body completely for multiple hours, all completely SOBER! Through an intense and ancient death meditation process in India I was able to transcend this body and attain self realization.

Enlightened Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda revived this technique from thousands of year old Hindu scriptures and is teaching it to thousands who come to stay in His presence. It was by far the most enlightening and mind-blowing spiritual experience I've ever had.

So many people think they can only leave the body through drugs or substances, but those only bring diluted experiences and reliance on external things to bring the experience. It is VERY possible to experience yourself as the cosmic consciousness, to experience pure oneness and pure expansion.

Death of this body and what I cognize as the self was the most empowering and liberating experience; I realized that death is extremely beautiful and that I have nothing to fear, as I am so, SO much more than just this one body.

For thousands of years, these spiritual techniques and wisdom have been passed down to grant humans the experience of Enlightenment and realization of the true self. Nothing external is needed to experience yourself as the whole!!!

Nithyananda on Death:

To experience the death meditation process yourself visit and come to next IA !!!

Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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