How To Ground Yourself When Fear Takes Over Your Body || Cure for Panic

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When you start to feel fear or panic take over the body, what do you do? I used to get lost inside these emotions until they completely overtook me. Sharing with you guys the most simple and beautiful solution I found to overcome emotions through CHANTING! The Mahavakya (or ultimate mantra) was revealed by my guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda: OM NITHYANANDA MAHASADASHIVOHAM This mantra is not only easy to remember, but extremely powerful in aligning your koshas (energy bodies). This directly gives the experience of transcending the power of emotion in the body, whether its feeling overwhelmed, anxious, panic, depressed, you name it. It works. Continuously hum this mantra from your navel centre as deeply as possible and as often as possible. Swamiji has said, whenever you remember you, hum the mahavakya.

Loop of Swamiji chanting MahaVakya :

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