How to Find Your Soulmate: Truths and Misconceptions About True Love and Finding Your Twin Flame

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'What can they offer me?' Believe it or not, that's the context for the vast majority of modern day relationships... We enter into relationships with another person simply because we like what they can do for us, we believe they will fulfil all of the gaps that are missing in our lives and that being with them will help us achieve happiness.

The false-sense of feeling 'completed' by another person is a huge blind spot in our society and we need to begin to realize the true purpose of relationships and how to make them most successful: which happens first & foremost with a deep spiritual context.

Relationships should only happen from the space of enriching the other being and being established in the space of supporting them to their highest possibility. Our fullest potentials as human beings is to live like God & Goddesses on this planet and a partner can help you move closer towards that space.

True love is about raising one another , not filling some hole that truly only the self can fill. In modern society, we even hear the term "other half" can see how obvious the programming is!

....Soulmates do NOT exist! At least not in our understanding of the word. We are not meant to wait for some fairytale to occur in our lives in order for us to feel whole or happy. That is something we can only find within.

Once we find inner peace and completion, we can find bliss in whatever life path comes up for, whether it be married life, single life, a sannyasi, or whatever!

Thank you guys so much for your love and support! We love you!

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