How Eating Meat Pollutes Our Consciousness

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If the environmental, health, or animal rights reasons don't do it for you, STOP eating meat simply because you care about your conscious growth.

Consuming another being instills so much violence and suffering into your consciousness. It is such a blessing to be in a human body, and when we consciously decide to kill and consume another being it is karma. At this point in human history, there is no need to consume animals for ANY reason, survival or otherwise.

The animals we consume leave their bodies in pure fear and pain, which physically gets carried in their muscle memory and bio memory. Therefore, when we eat a hamburger, we don't just eat meat, but ultimately consume violence and pain patterns into our conscious system.

This is the highest pollution to our bodies and our spirituality. Going forward to the next level of our spiritual growth and path to enlightenment, means by default going vegetarian.

Here is an amazing and comprehensive explanation of the spiritual context of vegetarianism:

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Blessings, Prasiddha ...

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