Heightening Consciousness: How a Beetle Taught Me Ahimsa

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When I was living in Ecuador 2 years ago, I was blessed with living and breathing nature 24/7. I was living in a mountain village and spending every day hiking, meditating, immersed in nature and working with animals. This space helped launch my spiritual journey. Most of my life, I was missing being a part of my pure roots, as a child of God, Mother Earth, Sadashiva, whatever name you like.

I believe most of us are gravely disconnected with where we come from: nature and spirit. We share this world alongside plants and animals, which is frighteningly easy to forget living away from them in a city or suburb. I used to think to myself how in the world could someone cut down a forest or kill a wild animal? How hypocritical, because I was doing just that with my lifestyle. Maybe I'm not the one cutting down the tree or shooting the gun, but what am I doing? I am consuming, consuming, and consuming some more. Contributing to the downfall of the beautiful gifts we have been given by supporting corrupt corporations, factory farms, etc.

One day, I killed a beetle that came flying into my room, like I had done for the past 4 months. I started to cry, feeling so guilty for taking a life. I didn’t understand why I was just now getting upset after so much time...It was because of the buildup I was experiencing of feeling so connected to life: my consciousness had jumped to a new level of understanding. Then it hit me- we are constantly making excuses for ourselves. We have so much responsibility that we often don’t even acknowledge. I always thought “well, of course I have to kill it, it’s bothering me and it’s inside.” Yet, all I had to do to prevent a killing was to be responsible enough to close the door and turn off the lights each night, preventing the beetles from being inside in the first place. It was completely my fault that beetle died. I had this click of seeing my responsibility to the life around me: plants, animals, and people.

This “unseen” responsibility applies to so many situations we tell ourselves we have no control over, or that it’s not up to us. The truth is, it’s always up to us. Every small action we take, every word we say, matters so much. I want to do my best to benefit the world in my lifestyle and choices, instead of having the privilege “to not think about it.”

I think the best thing we can do for the world is to heighten our consciousness. Because everything. we. do. matters. Every living being is not just connected, but interconnected. Therefore it is our responsibility to acknowledge that we are responsible. I experienced this huge shift in my consciousness all thanks to a little beetle.

Blessings, Prasiddha

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