From Meat Addict to Meat Free: Environmental and Spiritual Reasons Why I Went Vegetarian

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So, what made me decide to go vegetarian??? How did I quit meat for good after 18 years?

A culmination of reasons pushed me from an addiction to meat to a plant based diet. My love for animals wasn't initially enough to make me stop eating meat. I came to learn that animal agriculture is one of the most detrimental causes of climate change and environmental destruction. I also began to understand all of the personal ways being vegetarian can benefit your body on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Adopting a vegetarian diet has been the most important choice I've made for my personal and spiritual growth. Living a lifestyle of nonviolence and oneness opens so many doors for happiness and higher consciousness!

Here is an amazing and comprehensive explanation of the spiritual context of vegetarianism:

*By vegetarian, I mean Asian Vegetarian or Hindu Vegetarian. Meaning no meat AND no eggs. ...

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