Free Yourself from the Education System

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Our education system has failed us in so many ways, but we can still choose to be successful within or without it. For most of us the only way out is through...So how can we remain unscathed?

In high school I was controlled by my stress and anxiety revolving around school. Funny enough, my spiritual growth has helped me be immensely more successful in school. I have learned how to manifest my reality; I run school, it doesn't run me.

On the other hand, my brother Neeraja never found any enjoyment in traditional schooling. So, he has figured out how to manipulate the educational system into something that fits him.

Whatever your route may be, OWN it. Its the powerlessness we succumb to that brings negativity and fear in us. Make your decisions for you and know that life supports you!

At the end of the day, your time is your life. School can be a useful tool for success, but it is not everything. The most important lesson I have learned is that nothing in life has the power to violate us unless we let it!

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