Enema Step by Step Tutorial + FAQ’s (Jala Basti in Yoga & Ayurveda)

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A comprehensive step by step tutorial on how to safely administer an enema yourself at home & answering all commonly asked questions! If you need an enema kit, these are the highest quality enema kits I recommend by Medisential! https://medisential.com *Please consult your doctor about enemas, especially if you have any diseases, disorders, injuries, pregnancies or surgeries.

The shatkarmas/shuddhi kriyas (otherwise known as cleansing techniques), have been a part of yoga and Ayurveda for thousands of years. Enema, or jala basti, is one of the most powerful ways to detox the body and prevent disease. One of the yogic scriptures, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, describes in Ch 2. verse 26-28, “Sitting in utkatasana, navel deep in water, insert a tube into the anus and contract the anus. This cleansing with water is called basti karma. Enlargement of the spleen and all diseases arising from excess wind, bile and mucus are eliminated from the body through the practice of basti. By practicing basti the appetite increases, the body glows, excess doshas are destroyed and the dhatu, senses and mind are purified.”

FAQ’S: 1:17 What is an enema? Are they for everyone? 4:16 What are the health benefits of enemas? 6:03 Health concerns of enemas? 7:51 When should you do an enema? How often? 9:35 Do enemas weaken your colon? 10:35 Do enemas flush out good bacteria? 11:04 How long does an enema take? 11:50 What about coffee enemas? 12:48 What enema kit to use? 15:56 TUTORIAL BEGINS: How to do an enema?

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