Encounter with Extra-Terrestrials: My Abduction Experience and Starseed Story

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Finally opening up about my personal experience with extra-terrestrials. I had a frightening abduction experience which scarred me for many years. It was only when I met my guru that he shed light on my experience and why it happened to me... This is my story of how I found out my roots as a starseed and changed my whole perception of reality!

See, ETs are all higher evolved beings, meaning highly conscious and highly spiritual. My guru explained that they are here only to raise consciousness, and that humans are extremely blessed to have any kind of interaction with them. When I heard him say this, I had I huge shift in me. I realized that my abduction experience wasn't negative at all, it was just fear convincing me it was.

Once I dropped the fear, I opened the space to communicate with these beings and was has happened since has been sooo beautiful.

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Blessings, Prasiddha ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSltC11thi0

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