Easy Ways To Go Green: Ditch Plastic Bags For Reusable Wax Wraps

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All of our choices matter, especially when it comes to consuming. The result of our consumer culture is a whole lotta trash, much of it being plastic. And guess what doesn't degrade in the natural environment? Plastic.

One way we contribute to the pile-up of plastics in world landfills and oceans is through plastic bags, or zip-lock bags. We use them for a disposable, convenient way to wrap food. But guess what?!

There is a cheaper, better, and GREENER alternative...reusable wax wraps!!!

They work well, are easy to clean, and are one small way we can reduce our waste. Small daily changes may seem insignificant, but they add together to make a real difference.

Change starts with you, so lets keep bringing more and more consciousness to our life!

Blessings, Prasiddha

Watch here to learn how to be a conscious consumer: youtube.com/LifeBlissFoundation

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