Do Extra-Terrestrials Exist? Are Aliens Real? The Fermi Paradox and Life On Other Planets

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We've all thought about whether aliens exist or a universe with infinite expansion and galaxies, how could other life not exist???

The word 'alien' is so loaded: full of preconceived notions, judgements, and mainly a whole lot of fear. Aliens are just extra-terrestrials, or higher evolved beings. They have been interacting with earth and humans for a very, very long time. There is more than enough evidence to back this up. I know this because of personal experience in communicating with extra-terrestrials and how they have visited other people I know...

And because of fear programming from our media, we cognise aliens and their contact as being highly frightening and negative, but this is far from the truth. See, earth is the only planet you can reach enlightenment on in the universe, so naturally many beings are attracted here. Extra-Terrestrials visit and communicate with human beings only to raise consciousness and aid in spiritual growth.

If you have always avoided thinking about this, or never believed it, I invite you just to do some research on your own. This is simply my experience, but there is endless information out there which is pretty irrefutable in proving that other life exists. It is only out of fear or arrogance humans like to believe we are the only conscious beings in the universe.

Here my guru explains life in the universe and the Fermi Paradox so beautifully:

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