Be Stable in You: How I Grounded Myself with the Teachings of Nithyananda

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My guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda always tells us to "be stable in you." But what does this actually mean??? I've come to understand that the ultimate freedom happens when we find stability on our own. When nothing/no one outside of us can move us or jar us.

I have started to experience being grounded in me and it is the ultimate liberation. For a long time I relied on my relationships to ground me, which only caused me suffering. The second the other person would have a mood swing, I would have one too. My space was dependent on the space of others.

Now, I have flowered my cognition into a powerful one through the wisdom of my guru. I am stable in me and it is an incredibly powerful feeling, let me tell you.

Thanks for listening to my sharing you guys, with gratitude and blessings, Prasiddha

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